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Motors from Honda:

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Honda Motor Prices:
GXV - Vertical Shaft Models
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Honda Motor Prices:
GX - Horizontal Shaft Models
Honda Small Motors
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Honda Motors
GC - Series Engines
honda gx31 motor
GX35 - 35cc mini 
Honda Motors
4-stroke engine 


Horizontal Shaft Honda Engine Dimensions

GX31 Motor (1.5 h.p.)
Horizontal Models
GC160 Motor (5.0 h.p.)
G100K1 Motor (2.5 h.p.)
GX120 Motor (4 h.p.)
GX160 Motor (5.5 h.p.)
GX200 Motor (6.5 h.p.)
GX240 Motor (8.0 h.p.)
GX270 Motor (9.0 h.p.)
GX340 Motor (11.0 h.p.)
GX360 Motor (13.0 h.p.)
GX390 Motor (13.0 h.p.)
GX610 & GX620 Motors
(18.0 & 20.0 h.p.)
Click model to view diagrams.

Vertical Shaft Honda Engine Dimensions

GXV140 Motor (5.0 h.p.)
Vertical Models
GXV160 Motor (5.5 h.p.)
GXV340 Motor (11.0 h.p.)
GXV390 Motor (13.0 h.p.)
GCV160 Motor (5.5 h.p.)
GXV610 & GXV620 Motors
(18.0 & 20.0 h.p.)
Click model to view diagrams.

All of our motors are new with factory warranty.
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Honda Motors are known for being the best. Best Quality motors and best value. Honda motors are used on commercial equipment and now residential motors are used on homeowner equipment. We have several popular MOTOR models to choose from: 

One of our post popular motors is the honda gx31motor

The honda gx31 motor is used on several recreational applications including scooters and bicycles.

GX31 (1.5 h.p.) Horizontal Models GC160 (5.0 h.p.) 

G100K1 (2.5 h.p.) GX120 (4 h.p.) GX160 (5.5 h.p.) 

GX200 (6.5 h.p.) GX240 (8.0 h.p.) GX270 (9.0 h.p.) 

GX340 (11.0 h.p.) GX360 (13.0 h.p.) GX390 (13.0 h.p.) 

Also: GXV140 (5.0 h.p.) Vertical Models GXV160 (5.5 h.p.) 

GXV340 (11.0 h.p.) GXV390 (13.0 h.p.) GCV160 (5.5 h.p.) 

GXV610 & GXV620 

(18.0 & 20.0 h.p.) 

With so many makes and models to choose from, you should contact us by email, phone or browse our website for different motor specs. For all your commercial motor needs, try quality Honda motors. If you need Honda motor parts then visit our parts website.

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